If you have ever wanted to learn how to cook over a campfire we have just discovered an event in Kingston being hosted by Wild Earth on Saturday March 28th from 10 AM to 4 PM. This is a ticketed event so click here to get tickets and find out more about the day.

You can say you can't cook but the truth is you probably can you just have had that right teacher. Here is your chance to enjoy what Wild Earth is calling "One of the most gratifying ancestral skills" it is the art of cooking over an open fire.

This class will take you well beyond roasting marshmallows. You will actually be cooking a feast and using cooking techniques that have been developed by indigenous people around the globe. It will include cooking with rocks and boils, even pit steaming, clay baking and just right on the coals. Just a heads up part of this class may include wild harvesting for part of the meal.

The workshop will be lead by Zach Fisher who grew up in the redwood forest and on the beaches of the Northern California. Zach has been teaching primitive skills and nature connection since 2011. He has also been work since for the Wild Earth Foundation, the Children of the Foundation, Two Coyotes Wilderness School, Urban Kid Adventurers, Mount Victory Camp in the US Virgin Islands, as well as his own company, Earth Living Skills based in NYC and the Hudson Valley.


Zach has also study herbalism at Twin Star school of energetics and herbal studies in Connecticut. He hopes as a teacher to connect people and the natural world.

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