Unlike last year it looks like kids are going to get to go to summer camp. Over the past few weeks I have seen multiple notices on Facebook that local area organizations who have run camps in the past are working hard to open for this summer.

I myself rarely got to go to camp as a kid. There was the occasional riding camp but that was something I could do all year. Being an Army Brat we tended to move around an lot during the summer so we didn't miss school. But that did mean we missed a lot of summer camp. It is had to go to camp when you are moving out of state or even the country.

Many families find that having their kids spend a portion of their summer at camp is very beneficial. Day camp or sleep away camp, kid get a lot out of being a part of some type of summer camp program. Sometimes they object at first but usually wears off after the fun starts on Day 1.

If you are looking to send your kids to camp this summer I suggest you find out their interests and then find a camp that specializes in what it is your kids are  interested in. I spent a few summers at riding camp at the barn I road at and it was a great way to spend the summer plus I was working off my lesson money.

Some of the places I have found so far are:

Black Rock Forest Summer Camp - 65 Resevior Road - Cornwall New York -Registration is now open for Summer Science Camp 2021 for kids 11 to 15 Monday through Friday 9AM to 3 PM

Camp Esopus

Wild Earth High Falls


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