The coffee industry could get a lot stronger while my cup gets weaker.

Coffee is a commodity that almost every New Yorker can't live without. Could we see the price go up this year?

The Hudson Valley isn't quite as busy as Manhattan but we're still on the move constantly. We need our fuel. Coffee is that liquid energy that so many of us need in the morning. Some of us have a more expensive habit than others. Could we be paying a lot more for coffee this year?

My morning routine consists of my morning cup of coffee or two.

According to Business Insider, our cup of coffee in the morning might get a lot more expensive. Insider says that a drought in Brazil could be the cause for the United States running low on coffee. Delivery issues are also to blame. Most of the world's coffee production comes from Latin countries.

There's a chance that coffee from the region could not last long. It's predicted that the United States might be relying extremely heavily on Arabica coffee beans.

How much do you pay for coffee now each day? How much would you be willing to pay for the shot of energy in the morning? Caffeine is almost priceless to some of us. Could you do without it?

Over the past year, we have seen the prices on many items go up. Is coffee next? I won't be without my coffee in 2021. Even if it's watered down.


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