Have you noticed fewer and fewer stink bugs? There's a reason for that.

Usually, wintertime means critters and creatures are going into homes to make their own home. But there's a chance that stink bugs may not have made it onto the Ark this winter. According to Pest World, the recent polar vortex may have killed off the majority of stink bugs.

Pest World reports that roughly 95% of stink bugs could have been killed off by the extreme cold because they couldn't find shelter. If the bugs found shelter, they're most likely okay, but if not, it's not looking too good.

According to the report from Pest World, if adult stink bugs, and other invasive species, already laid their eggs but didn't find shelter, those eggs will hatch with warmer weather. Ugh.

Sadly, Pest world reports that ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, and termites are most likely all okay because they either hibernate or can withstand extreme temperatures.

If you find that the 95% of stink bugs that didn't survive didn't include stink bugs at your home, there are some great tricks to get rid of stink bugs.

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