I just saw the most interesting thing on the news. I know not something people usually say any more but this was actually pretty cool. Apparently in Texas they have Championship BBQ teams in High school. That's right along with the traditional sports, football, basketball, baseball and soccer and in the case of Texas Rodeo they also have a BBQ Team. How cool is that?

In high school I tried out for every team a girl could be on. There was the soccer tryouts that were less than stellar. Of course I gave softball a try and that didn't pan out well. And track and basketball were totally out of the question. I am short and can't run. Fortunately for me outside of school I had a sport. I grew up riding horses but it would have been nice to have been able to play a sport or join a team in high School. Side bar I was in drama club. That was great fun but I saw no stage time it was all stage crew for this girl.

So tonight when I saw the story on the CBS News about a group of kids who are their High School's BBQ team I thought we can do that in New York. Here in the Hudson Valley we are known world wide for culinary expertise. We could certainly start up a BBQ team or two. I fear this would mean a lot of travel for the teams at first but I think it is something that would catch on.

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