If we were to actually discuss the origin of the Christmas ornament we would be talking for a while and then probably still not have all the information. The Hallmark Corporation summed it up nicely in the article on the button below. Basically decorating a tree with objects dates back to 15th and 16th century Germany according to the story Hallmark tells and they should know being they have become the Christmas Ornament authority since they debuted their Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collection in 1973.

I personally like the story I was told as a child that Christmas trees were brought in during the Winter to keep the wood spirits warm and that the ornament on the tree were for their entertainment. It was also a tradition to include food on the tree so they didn't go hungry. Bells were placed on trees so that the spirits could ring them as a thank you and of course so you knew an angel got their wings.

If you are thinking of hanging some food from your tree Jamie Oliver's crew has some great ideas.


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