We're having some fun with the 2016 Presidential race. The Hudson Valley has been abuzz with nominees like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump making appearances in Poughkeepsie this week. The real election is stressing me out a little bit, so I figured we make it a little less stressful and take our minds off the real world for a little bit.

Ranker.com had list of 72 Celebrities they thought would be fitting for President. Ellen DeGeneres topped out that list and while I think Ellen would make an excellent, she doesn't have the credentials. Actors who have played a President had  to do some research for their role right?

CJ and I have come up with a list of fictional Presidents, with your great suggestions this morning, who may make for a great POTUS. We also threw some local celebs in the race too. Here are some of the suggestions we recieved this morning:


We'll reveal our finalist tomorrow and the voting can begin. CJ and I will have our very own Presidential debate tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

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