With the election year in full swing, voting and registering to vote is at the forefront of all conversations. Barack Obama literally reminded us to register right before the American Idol finale.  If you haven't heard, two of Donald Trump's older children will not be able to vote in next weeks New York Primary.

Donald has stated that Eric and Ivanka missed the deadline register to vote. Whoops. Sure it's a common mistake but any way you look at it, it's pretty embarrassing..considering their father is on pace to become the Republican nominee for President.

Ferguson, Missouri Residents Vote On Election Day
Getty Images/Scott Olson

Eric and Ivanka Trump's mistake made me worry that I wasn't eligible to vote. So I did some research, I'm in the clear. To avoid any future embarrassment I found just the site you need. Head over to CanIVote.Org. They'll ask for some background information, like your name and what county you live in, and give you information that is important to completing your civic duty. They'll of course tell you if your even eligible to vote and they'll also provide the closest polling center.

It doesn't matter to me who you vote for, but it does matter that your voice is heard. For more information and details about voter registration check out the New York Board of Elections website. 


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