Which one of us is a big fat liar?

Every Thursday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, Jess and I have a little fun with our ability to lie with a straight face. We call it "Full of It".

Here is how it works, we both give you a statement about ourselves, its usually something that we have never mentioned on the air before, then we wait for someone to call us on the air to tell us who they think is full of it.

If you missed it on the show this morning, here are our statements...

Jess claims she once hung out with a presidential nominee.

I claim that when I was 17, I once shot a 10 point buck during hunting season.

Which one of us is "Full of It?"....

Thanks for watching and make sure you check back next week for another episode of "Full of It". In the mean time Jess and I are going to work hard on our ability to lie with a straight face.

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