Vacations, getting away from it all, sounds great right? How long has it been since you could afford to take a vacation? Would an extra thousand dollars in your pocket help? That's exactly what The Wolf Grand in Your Hand could do for you.

Here's how it works.

Listen every weekday morning for the winning keyword times at 6:30 with CJ & Jess.
When you hear us announce the Keyword, enter here or use the ‘Win Cash’ button on the new 943/973 The Wolf app, to win one thousand dollars!

This week, the theme for the keywords is vacations. Where would you go if you had a little extra cash in your pocket? Would you drive across the country, fly to your dream destination, or take a second honeymoon?

You have two chances each weekday to play, so start planning your vacation now!

Since you’re a member of the Wolf Pack, here’s something that could help you out. Here’s all the times and winning keywords. Keep this list handy and you’ll know when to enter and, fingers-crossed, win with the Wolf.

Pile of international luggage tags

Monday, April 10:

9:20 am Keyword: Vegas
1:40 pm Keyword: Hawaii

Tuesday, April 11:

11:20 am  Keyword: Yellowstone
4:40 pm  Keyword: Aspen

Wednesday, April 12:

7:20 am  Keyword: Miami
2:40 pm  Keyword: Cape Cod

Thursday, April 13:

10:20 am  Keyword: Austin
5:40 pm  Keyword: Orlando

Friday, April 14:

9:20 am  Keyword: Nashville
12:40 pm  Keyword: Chicago

Good Luck!

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