Could you use an extra thousand dollars? How would you celebrate the holidays if you won $10,000. Whatever your dreams may be, a little extra cash can make them come true a bit faster. Here’s your chance to get ahead and win some cash. The Wolf Grand in Your Hand is back for the month of November and here’s how it works.

You have two chances every weekday in November to win. Listen every weekday morning at 6:30, CJ & Jess will tell you the 2 times to be listening later that day for the Contest Q2CALL, be caller 25 at 1-877-854-WINS (9467) and you’ll win a thousand bucks!

Since you’re a member of the Wolf Pack, here’s something that could help you out. Here’s all the times to call this week. Keep this list handy and you’ll know when to call and, fingers-crossed, win with the Wolf.

Monday, November 14: 11:06
Monday, November 14:  2:36

Tuesday, November 15:    9:06
Tuesday, November 15:    6:36

Wednesday November 16:  10:06
Wednesday, November 16:   3:36

Thursday, November 16:     11:06
Thursday, November 16:    5:36

Friday, November 17:      1:06
Friday, November 17:      5:36

Here’s where you can enter for a chance at $10,000 online.

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