We have a lot of cool contests here at The Wolf. We've given away trips to Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago; concert tickets to great shows at Bethel Woods, Taste of Country Music Festival, Times Union Center, Terminal 5, SPAC, and other great venues throughout the Northeast; we're even giving you a chance to win cash with the Wolf Grand in Your Hand.

So many great contests and prizes and so many things I can't win. Now, I could let that depress me, or I could do a little daydreaming. What if I was allowed to enter The Wolf Grand in Your Hand and what if I won? What would I do with $1000? Here's my top 3 items on my dream list.

I love to sew, in fact I am currently taking an on-line handbag course, so I would buy an embroidery machine. I have my eye on one, which is pretty basic, for around $600. I would buy threads, stabilizers, and fabrics with the rest, and if you think there's no way anyone could spend $400 on such things, you should join me at a fabric store sometime.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and yet I have no Christmas dishes to use, so I would buy the Lenox Winter Greetings 60-piece China set service for 12. Please don't ask me where I would have room to store it, a girl's allowed to dream.

Rounding out my top 3 would be a riding mower for my husband. I realize this would require a little more than a thousand dollars, but it would be a big help for him as we have almost an acre of land to mow.

Grass in the sky
Paul Lampard

What's on your dream list? Winning some extra cash could help them come true a bit quicker. Do something that I can't, play The Wolf Grand in Your Hand. Listen every weekday morning for the winning keyword times at 6:30 with CJ & Jess. When you hear us announce the Keyword, enter here or use the ‘Win Cash’ button on the new 943/973 The Wolf app, to win one thousand dollars!

Start dreaming and good luck!


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