Taking a look at the forcast for tomorrow, it seems as though we'll be getting into the summer numbers. Meterologist are calling for hazy and humid throughout the Hudson Valley with highs in the 80s. That means that it's now officially acceptable to start or end your day with some ice cream.

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They're are a ton of places in the Hudson Valley to enjoy a cup or cone of the dairy delight. However, I have to be honest the family owned, local ice cream shops are by far my favorite. I'm not an expert in ice cream, I dabble here and there. But since the weather is finally going to be right, it's time to do some exploring. Here's where I need your help.

I'm looking for the best local ice cream shops in each county. Dutchess. Ulster. Orange. Sullivan. Putnam and lets throw in Westchester too. Where are your go to spots for ice cream in each county?

I live in Dutchess and I know how difficult this could be. Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell, Village Creamery in Wappingers and Holy Cow in Red Hook all are top notch establishments in my opinion.

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