Well...I have some information, but not the full answer for this one.

Just like everyone else I was super excited to find out that Jason Aldean is having his own line of Bourbon. He teamed up with Florida-Georgia Line for this so it can't be anything but delicious.

Just have to say it, it's pretty awesome that the 'Wolf' is in the name too.

I tried a few liquor stores around here, but had no luck finding it. I reached out to 'Wolf Moon Bourbon' on Instagram to see when it will be available here in New York.

They responded with this:

wolf moon bourbon

It looks like we still have to wait a little bit, but it will be coming out pretty soon.

I'll keep you posted with more information when it comes out.

Check out their Instagram the page is @wolfmoonbourbon and the website is https://wolfmoonbourbon.com.

When it does come out, feel free to drop a comment and tell us how it is.


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