So the other day I was driving and I made a mistake. A mistake that I didn't correct for 25 minutes.

No, it had nothing to do with driving. It had more to do with what I was listening to on my drive home. I'll admit it, I don't always listen to The Wolf while in the car. I usually throw on a Pandora playlist, yesterday I was jamming to an awesome Chris Young themed playlist. I decided to change it.

I thought I had selected Miranda Lambert, but I didn't. I had clicked on *NSYNC Chrsitmas. Yes, I have an *NSYNC Christmas playlist and I'm not ashamed of it.

Anyway, I sang along until I realized it's the beginning of November! It's too early for this. Or is it?

For a minute I was ashamed, but I realized I'm not alone. I don't need it on every minute, but throw in some Bing Crosby every once in a while doesn't hurt.

The question remains, when is it socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music?



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