Sometimes you see things happen and it makes you just shake your head.

The other day, I was getting gas at Stewart's and saw a guy walking to pay for his gas while texting and walked right into the side of the building.

Glasses flew off, his hat ended up on the ground, he dropped his phone but was OK.  I laughed.  I didn't feel bad, I just laughed and thought, "if you were paying attention that wouldn't have happened".

I was wrong I guess because he was pumping his gas and went to step over the pump hose and tripped. He face planted.   I felt bad and will probably end up going to Hell but I laughed.

The point is, we sometimes can't help but laugh at dumb people, or at least the dumb things that people do or that happen to them.

The whole way to work I felt bad for laughing at him and then, as I was walking into the studio, I was on the phone with my wife and walked right into the closed door.

Karma is real.


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