We have all seen handicap parking signs as well as pavement symbols indicating that these spots are for those with either a handicap license or a handicap tag on their rearview mirror. Not everyone respects these signs as they park there anyway without a tag or license, but that's for another article at another time.

Apparently, a local business, after repaving their parking lot, purchased new disabled parking signs, from a company also here in New York (this will become important later), as well as had the pavement painted with the appropriate symbols, or so they thought. As it turns out, New York is the first state in the country to replace the older symbol with this new, updated version.

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

As a result of having the wrong symbol on the signs and the pavement, they needed to have the parking lot repainted and new signs purchased before they would be allowed to open the parking lot to the public. But, remember, they bought the signs from a New York company, shouldn't they have known about the change?

After some investigation, we found a press release from the Governor's Office from 2014 announcing the change to a symbol which represents a person much more active, as well as requiring the removal of the word handicapped from all signs. Instead, disabled parking is the verbiage that should be on the signs.

These are positive changes, showing those with a disability as being more active, but we are wondering why more people don't know about the changes. Or is this an isolated incident? Did you know? Do you see any of the new signs or do you see mostly old ones?

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