By now you have heard of the new food trend which is actually an old standard that has been reinvented. Grilled cheese and soup is now a thing again. And by thing I mean something people actually seek out to eat. Not to mention that there are whole restaurants designed around it. Anyway just today I was told about a place in Woodstock I need to visit that makes great tomato soup and grilled cheese. The place is called Shindigs, I will be putting it on the lunch list their menu looks awesome. But I will probably pass on the tomato soup.

I find this whole grilled cheese and soup fascinating for a number of reasons. Probably the most fascinated reason is that growing up I hate when my Mom made us eat Tomato soup with our grill cheese and now it's a sought after combination. It just wasn't my favorite soup as a child. It always seem to be something grownups liked. I always thought of it as boring there wasn't anything in it and it just tasted like a tomato. Campbell's Alphabet soup was alway what I prefered with a gooey melted cheese sandwich.

So now in this day and age of the tomato soup with grilled cheese taking over the special boards for the winter at our favorite eating establishments what can you do if you are just hoping for go old chicken noodle. I says learn to make it yourself. Taste of Home has 10 great soup recipes that look easy and should get you through the winter.

My Favorite 5 soups in order are

5 - Panera's Broccoli and Cheese

4 - My Aunt Doris' French Onion

3 - The Brotherhood of Thieves Clam Chowder

2 - Panera's Autumn Squash

1 - My Grandma Garbage Soup (all the leftovers she could find cooked down in a pot with her homemade thumb noodles) this one is the best with any grilled cheese.



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