I have definitely been watching and listening to way too many crime dramas.

After pulling into my driveway after work, I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a text message from an unknown 914 phone number.

Honestly, it's not that strange for me to receive messages from numbers I don't know, mostly because I'm on dating apps and usually don't save my matches numbers. Not one of my finer traits.

Anyway, I open up the message full prepared to respond "new phone, who dis?" Instead I'm instantly freaked out.

All the text contained was two pictures...of urns.


Sure they're beautiful urns. But a little creepy right?

I've been watching the Bravo series Dirty John, so my mind went to a crazy ex sending me a threat. Yes, I know I'm dramatic.

Some of my friends said I should have played along, but I have a feeling that this person is going through a difficult time considering they're sending me pictures of urns.

But this has me thinking, what is the strangest wrong number text you've received?



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