I am fully aware that the holiday season is over and eating cookies is not acceptable.

However, Good Housekeeping Magazine did a bit of serious research to discover the most popular cookie by every state. While there are weird pastry crazes happening all the time, the cronut, cupcakes and specialty cookies the classic bakery cookie is an easy go to.

According to Good Housekeeping, for New York the most popular cookie is the black and white cookies. As state by the site "The Empire State is home to the epic half-and-half(a.k.a the black and white) cookie-a buttery sponge cake cookie iced half with vanilla fondant and the other with bold chocolate fondant. The exact origin of the cookie is unknown, but Lady Liberty adopted it early on."


So I did some research, Wikipedia style. They all confirm that the exact origin is not quiet known, however the half moon cookie design is common to upstate New York and in the New England area. I know I enjoy a good black and white cookie from basically any bakery in the Bronx and also from Café Aurora in the city of Poughkeepsie.

What cookie do you think deserves the title of New York's most popular cookie?

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