Lately I have noticed more and more that people don't seem to be wearing traditional perfume. I can remember a time when women were covered in Channel, A Liz Taylor Scent or the latest from Lancome. Men were sporting the latest from Ralph Lauren Polo, Versace or Calvin Klein. You could walk into work, a bar or your local convenience store and it was a variable bouquet of scents. Now a days there seems to be a new trend in personal smell and I personally am enjoying the change.

I am not saying that everyone has given up on professional perfumes and colognes but it does seem that after the introduction of Axe Body Spray people may have had enough with the mass produced smells. What I am getting at is that more and more people seem to be turning to essential oils to create their own blend for perfume. Men and women alike are learning about how you can mix various oils to create your own blend. In other words your own person perfume. And I am not just talking patchouli. I was actually in the presence of someone the other day that smelled great even in all this heat and it turns out the were wearing Rose Geranium. All I know is they smell good and other people did not, enough said.

More often than not recently when I have commented on how nice someone smells and I ask what perfume or cologne they are wearing I get the response "it's not perfume / cologne it's essential oils". The nice thing about using essential oils is you can make up your own smell. However before you head into the person perfume business you need to do your research. Take a class, ask question and then who knows you might discover your "true" smell.

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