If you have kids you will soon have one.

Over the weekend it was my daughter Julianna's 11th birthday and we had a party for her and some of her friends at the new Spins Bowling Alley. Really cool place and the renovations are unbelievable.

Anyway back to the party as all of the girls started showing up, I noticed that they all had these little spinning things that everybody wanted to see or try.

So I asked one of the girls to try it out and all it did for me was spin between my thumb and middle finger.

After the party my daughter asked if we could get her one at the gas station on the way home and I said yes.

I stop at the gas station and ask the guy behind the counter if he has any of those finger spinning things, and he quickly corrected me and said "You mean the Fidget Spinners"? I said yes and he told me that they have been sold out of them for a couple of hours and would be getting another shipment in later that night.

So no finger spinning thing for me at least for now.

Fast forward to Monday or Tuesday and I tell Jess the story and she hadn't heard of these things either and I guess later that day told her mom about them and her mom found one and gave it to Jess, who then gave it to me.

I swear I am 7 years old. Anyway here I try to make the finger spinner thing work.....

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