I am not even going to pretend that I could actually tell you something about the NFL Play-offs this weekend. I know the basics. It is wildcard playoff weekend which I think means teams on the fringe of the playoffs have one chance to win a game and if they do they get to go to next weekend's playoffs. (That much is correct, I think.) After that I turn into one of those people who hasn't really paid attention all season. I won't even pick who I want to win the Superbowl until I actually see who is going to be playing in the big game.

I do however know that CJ will not be routing for Jess' Giants because he is a Cowboy fan the Giants keep beating the Cowboys. This fact I know from listening to CJ and Jess talk about it all football season. It has nothing to do with any actual NFL knowledge I might have from the weekend watching that goes on at my house. But If I did decide to take sides this weekend I would probably pick Raiders, Steelers, Seahawks and Packers. I wonder how my picks will hold up for Monday morning bragging rights?

Rewind to Sept 9th Opening Season NFL 2016 CJ and Jess Frolic for their teams.

One thing I do know is while football is on at my house this weekend I will be able to binge watch whatever I want on Netflix with no questions asked. I might actually get to the 5th season of The Walking Dead. I will also get to make fun snack food quilt free. Bring on the melted cheese and some zombies.


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