Do you remember yours?

Every Thursday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we play a game called "Full of It", where both Jess and I each tell you a little something about us from back in the day that you might not know. If you can figure out which one of is lying to you (full of it) you grab a prize.

If you missed it today, Jess was full of it with the statement that she once had the police called on her for firing a paintball gun in her back yard as a kid. Yes she was lying, so that means I was telling you the truth with my statement that as a kid, my first job was as a newspaper delivery person.

I think I was like 11 living in Long Island before my family moved up to Windham and I signed up to deliver the Newsday newspapers in my neighborhood. I loved doing it everyday of the week, except SUNDAY! Sundays were the absolute worst.

Every week we had to put the Sunday paper together with the comics, coupons and of course the actual paper and then load it up into my basket on my bike and let me tell you, those things weighed like 5 pounds each back then. I remember begging my mom to drive me around at 6 make the deliveries because they weighed so much, and she would always say, "I didn't sign up to do this, you did, so suck it up buttercup!" Yeah, she had a way with words but I do think that is why I have the never quit work ethic I have today.

Do you remember your first job? Whatever it was, share it with us by calling or texting us through the Wolf app and be listening Friday for your comments and calls.

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