It's good to be back!

For those who haven't been tuning in since last Wednesday (November 11th, 2020) I've been home in quarantine. A co-worker of ours had tested positive for Coronavirus and I had come in contact with them (they're feeling much better now).

Being safe rather than sorry, I was put into a 3-5 day quarantine from The Wolf Studios. I was tested on two separate occasions within the time that I was out of the studio and both test came back negative.

I have a new appreciation for all of our healthcare workers out there. Every office I went to was packed, sadly it's getting crazy out there again. So make sure you're keeping yourself healthy, wear a mask, wash your hands, you know the drill.

While I was cooped up in my tiny apartment for the last few days I've learned a few things about myself. Mostly that quarantine isn't too much fun, but again I know I was being safe.

It had me thinking about what if we really do go into this second lockdown. Putting the essential items aside (like your toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, soap), what are you going to stock up on?

Our second time around, we're pretty much pro's at this whole lockdown thing.

Here are a few things that I realized I wanted during my short quarantine:

1) Cereal. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but it's all I wanted during my time at home. All I had was Special K and that's no fun. Next time around I'm stocking up on Fruity Pebbles for sure!

2) Chips and Salsa. I had done a shopping haul before I was put into quarantine and bought 2 different types of multigrain tortilla chips. They were fantastic, however I had no salsa or cheese for that matter. I'll be more prepared for the next round.

3) Flavored Seltzer. I'm not talking White Claws or Truly's either. Drinking in quarantine is overrated if you ask me. But regular seltzer changes up the water game, also I'm a 85 year old woman deep within so it's my go to drink.

What are some non-essential items you're stocking up on for the next possible lockdown? Hit us in the comment section on Facebook!

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