Do we really need all these "reboots" ?

Last night I went and saw the live action version of The Lion King and it was great, there weren't any big changes besides the fact that it was no longer a cartoon. However, a few months ago I saw the new Aladdin movie and was extremely disappointed.

Just last week it was announced that Disney was going to reboot the classic '90s film Home Alone. The internet went nuts and not in the good way.

Honestly in my opinion, we need to stop rebooting these classic movies. You can't recreate greatness so why even try?

Television shows, well that's another story. I would have no problem if some of our favorite tv shows came back, but maybe in a made for TV movie or a 8 episode special. Kind of like 90210 is doing, but without the weird "lets be pretend versions of our real live self."

Also if a movie/show was rebooted in 2005 it doesn't need to be remade again, like Charlies Angels (which is coming out with yet another remake!Why???)

What movies and television shows would you like to see rebooted? Which ones shouldn't be touched?

I'd like to see a 4 episode special of The Office and maybe Dawson's Creek. Imagine someone trying to remake The Godfather or Titanic? Absolutely not.

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