Do you have another phrase to describe passing gas, any other besides the obvious?

If you think back to when you were younger there were probably a bunch of words that you weren't allowed to say as a kid. Most of us weren't allowed to say the obvious ones, yes those but did your family have a term or phrase that they would use all of the time to say after someone passed gas?

Why do I ask? Well growing up the word "fart" was NOT allowed to be said in our house, it was almost as bad as saying the other "F" word. If you got caught saying it there were consequences like soap in the mouth or getting grounded. Yes I had my mouth washed out with soap MANY, MANY times as a kid.

My grandma would always refer to passing gas as "Who made a buster in here?" In my house we call them "bombs" or "duckys". How about in your house? Some of the terms we got this morning on the show include:

Rippin Buns
Bottom Burps
Carpet Bombs
Ghost Cows
Tushie Burps

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