Officials are warning the public about approaching wild coyotes after a student was reportedly bitten last week on campus.

You may have saw the big news coming from Poughkeepsie, New York last week.

Coyote Bite at Marist College

According to Fox News, a wild and aggressive coyote allegedly bit a student in the leg near Leo Hall. They also report that The Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health has noticed an uptick in sightings near Marist and the Culinary Institute of America. I personally observed at least 2 coyotes crossing Route 9 headed towards Marist yesterday morning.

Why would coyotes be making their way to Marist? What is attracting them in large numbers? I don't know a lot about wildlife but I know it isn't the Roadrunner that is attracting coyotes to Marist.

Coyotes Getting Comfortable

Coyotes are getting used to urban areas. With that comfort comes difficulty finding their natural food sources. These animals become more dependent on human food. They eat food found in the garbage, pet food that's been left out and they can even munch on bird seed.

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You shouldn't approach wild coyotes.  

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