If you're on social media, you've most likely come across a meme or two featuring a "Karen."

Over the course of time, some people have picked out a certain name to describe a high maintenance man or woman that they use when trying to describe a particular person, or to define their behavior. Behaviors like making a small insignificant situation into the end of the world.

The names to describe those types of people have changed every few years, and nowadays some people call any female that overreacts in a frantic, entitled way a "Karen," from what I've been told. Like most things, I don't want to start calling someone a name when I don't really get the definition, so I asked you guys to help me in defining a Karen.

Jess came up with a few example situations to get us all started....

  • "Karen's coupon for Ann Taylor expired last year and the cashier wasn't giving her the discount. Karen held up the line, raised her voice and demanded to speak to the manager."
  • "Karen's coffee was hot and she spilled a little on herself, so she cut the line of the drive-thru to complain and threaten to sue the establishment unless the gave her a new coffee and paid for a new pair of pants."
  • "Karen did not love it when her neighbors started building an addition to their home. So she demanded to see their permits and then called the cops."

I think that has helped me tremendously in defining a Karen, so here are my examples....

  • "Karen is the woman who was screaming at me for going the wrong way down the one way aisle at the grocery store."
  • "Karen is the lady who screams a the worker who gave her a paper straw for her iced coffee instead of a plastic one."
  • "Karen is most of my ex's....LOL!!!!"

Those work, right? Amy texted us that a Karen is "a woman who is a little too extra when they aren't getting their way." If you have an example, call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

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