Many of us can remember having to write a report when we returned to school after a glorious summer usually entitled "What I did on my summer vacation." Sometimes it was required, sometimes it was for extra credit. I never really enjoyed writing that paper that's why it strikes me as odd that I actually couldn't wait to write this blog. It may be due to the fact that what I did on my summer vacation was so fun I just had to share. It was also part of my try something I never done before summer.

Steamed Clams
Michael DeLeon

I will start by saying I don't like steamed clams but I realize a lot of people do so that's why I did feel bad doing what I did knowing I wasn't going to eat the reward. For the first time ever I got to go clamming. There I was knee deep in sea grass and water with all kinds of ocean critters swimming by while I stood just off the end of a boat with a clam rake in hand clamming.

I was so excited when friends asked me to join them on their clamming trip. I was even more excited that low tide was during a civilized time of the day so no need to get up wicked early. I can't fully explain the joy I felt when I ran the rake across the sand and felt what seems like a stone in a garden but no it is a perfectly shaped clam. A couple dozen dug out later we were back on the boat. On the trip back all I could think about was how easy and fun it was to dig up a few clams which were going to make great linguine and clam sauce for my host.

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