We will finally have some answers to one of the most popular questions we get asked on a daily basis.

Wherever The Wolf goes the most popular question we get is "Who is going to headline the Taste of Country Musical Festival?" When we tell you that no one tells us anything important, we mean it.

We're clueless.

But here's some good news TOC is going to be making an artist announcement on Tuesday, October 30th. Again, we have no idea who's headlining but we do have our wish list.

A few weeks ago Jess saw Thomas Rhett in concert and made a predicition that he would be on board for TOCF. He was there years ago when he was just up and coming, he's in the big leagues now. We can definitely see him as a headliner.

Carrie Underwood is having a great year and she'll already have her baby by June. So could she be headliner too?

And maybe Luke Bryan as a 3rd? Hey we can dream!

Dan and Shay also have to be there (another personal wish from Jess).

Let us know who you want to see over on our Facebook page.

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