We need to talk about This is Us. 

If you're not watching the popular family drama, you might want to get on board and soon.You have some time to binge watch, since the finale aired this past Tuesday. So if you're not done with season one this is your opportunity to turn around to avoid the SPOILERS. 

This Is Us - Season 1
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

CJ and myself both have theories on how Jack Pearson dies. We learned earlier in the season that Jack dies after his daughter Kate admits she watches the Steeler games with her fathers ashes. There has been a flash back to Jacks funeral, but we were never told how he dies. Kate believes that she is the reason her father is dead. But CJ and I have other thoughts.

After the finale where we learned more about Jack and Rebecca and their lives before they met. I have a feeling that Jack goes back to his old drinking and gambling ways and some how or another gets killed in the process.

CJ's theory is way more indepth and actually gave me chills. CJ believes that William, Randall's biological father, has something to do with Jacks death. William had a shady past and we're not quite sure if he was clean and sober at the time of Jacks' death. So maybe William's lifestyle collides with Jack and Jack's death is the reason William gets sober.

We can all agree that Jack probably doesn't die in a drunk driving accident like the show has alluded to. It's too obvious of a reason and This is Us likes to throw us a big curve ball when they can. How do you thing Jack Pearson dies? Let us know on!

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