If there's a silver lining to this crazy snow storm we're getting it's this. You've probably already cheated on your New Year Resolution, which makes being snowed in a little easier.

Just a quick FYI before we get into it, calories DO NOT COUNT during a snowstorm.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about our go-to snacks.

Besides having all the essentials (water, milk, bread, eggs) what are your favorite comfort snacks to have during a storm.

My one practical snack is a frozen pizza. No one wants to leave the house and you don't want a young kid driving the pizza delivery car around.

Then of course you need something savory, like chips or crackers of some sort.

There always has to be either chocolate or candy on deck. I personally like sour patch kids when I'm snowed in.

And then, you need something healthy just to have a clear conscious. So I guess a fruit cup could do the trick.

What are your go to snacks when you're snowed in this weekend?


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