If you were listening to the show this morning you know that I ran into a little problem this morning. I was almost (Let me stress it again..almost, don't tell Beth Christy) late to getting to the show this morning because I slept through my alarm. I had been woken up around 1:40am because I heard some wild noises outside my window.

I'm familiar with what cats in heat sound like, they've been by my window a time or two. But this was much different. This sound was more like a screech, it honestly sounded like someone in pain. The screaming terrified me which is why I had to tweet the activity:

We received a few phone calls this morning about what animal could be making that sound. I was convinced it was a coyote until our listeners helped me out. A gentleman suggested that it may be a Fisher Cat. I had no idea what that was, but apparently they're common here in the Hudson Valley. This is what they sound like:

I'm pretty sure I have Fisher Cat in my backyard. Do you think they're around the Poughkeepsie area? What else could it be? I'll be keeping an ear out for them again in the future...hopefully I can catch it on camera. However, I'm still slightly convinced it was aliens.



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