I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but I think we can all agree that not being able to go to live concerts this summer sucks.

Summer concert season in and around the Hudson Valley is my favorite time of year. Going for trips to Bethel Woods and SPAC and tailgating with my friends is something I always look forward too.

But, here we are. Stuck in the middle of global pandemic watching acoustic concerts through Zoom.

It got me thinking, what if in the future...we're allowed to go to concerts, but only can choose 3 different artist to see for the rest of our lives?

It's an extreme hypothetical question, but probably one of the hardest decisions I'd ever have to make.

To make it easier, I'm going to allow you to choose from bands/artist who have broken up or retired.

Here are my top 3 choices:

Miranda Lambert
Kelly Clarkson

Yes, I know NSYNC will probably never get back together. However, I saw them so many times in concert growing up and they put on one of the best shows ever.

Miranda Lambert at Bethel Woods 4 years ago was like a religious experience for me. If I could relive that moment and concert over and over I would.

And well, Kelly Clarkson is my absolute favorite and I can listen to her sing from the phone book. So that was a no brainer

If you could only see 3 artist perform for the rest of your life, who would they be? Let us know, text or call us through the Wolf mobile app.


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