If you haven't been paying attention, today is Halloween. You're welcome for the reminder.

While looking for a good Useless Fact of The Day, I came across one regarding silly string.

According to Business Insider, in Hollywood California you can be fined up to $1,000 for using, possessing or selling silly string at any point between 12:01 am October 31 to 12pm November 1. You can allegedly spend up to 6 months in jail for breaking the silly string law, which came into account in 2004.

It got me thinking, are they're any strange Halloween Laws in New York State?

After a little research it looks like there has been one in place since the 1800's. Apparently there is an Anti-Mask law in New York (section 240.35(4) of the New York Penal Law.) According to the New York History Blog, the laws origin started in the Hudson Valley. The statute passed in 1845 "to suppress armed uprisings by tenant farmers in the Hudson Valley who were using disguises to attack law enforcement officers."

Have no fear, there is a footnote to the law. The statute states that the law does not apply to “a masquerade party or like entertainment or any peaceable assemblage for any masquerade or fancy dress ball or other entertainment.”

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