Anyone else wait in line for EVERYTHING this weekend?

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do a quick recap of some of the "things" we each did over the weekend for a chance for you guys to win a little something from us. We figure if you have to listen to us we should probably make it worth your while ...LOL!

We call the game we play on the radio, "Three Things From the Weekend" where Jess reads to you annoumusuly two sets of three things we did and all you need to do is try and figure out which one of us did which set of three. If you missed our things from Monday, here they are....

Person One

1. Watched a live streamed concert.
2. Carved pumpkins.
3. Was a winner.

Person Two

1. Waited in line for everything.
2. Carved pumpkins.
3. Played the game "Yahtzee".

When we play it on the air we never have enough time to really explain some of the stories behind what we did and that is where our "Weekend Chat" video was born. You can get the answer to who did what, plus all the amazing (yeah I'm reaching...LOL) stories from behind our "things" by giving a watch to our chat video and yes the video includes pictures of us showing off our pumpkin carving skills...LOL.....

Thank you for watching and if you do plan on voting early this election make sure you plan on having extra patience because we are seeing reports of long lines across the Hudson Valley. Which I think is a good thing, right? People are voting which is so important this election. We are working on getting some of our local officials on the show this week to give us the specifics on early voting and as soon as we get them we will share with you here.

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