My feet will be comfortable at Taste of Country Music Festival, how about yours? Earlier this year I mentioned foot wear ideas for this weekend at Hunter Mountain. I truly believe flip flips are a mistake and although sneakers are practical the shoes that will ensure your feet hold up all weekend are those trusty cowboy boots.

We will be walking up and down the mountain. We will be dancing and singing into the night. And let's face it chairs will be few a far between. We will be spending lots of time on our feet so let's make sure we pick the best footwear. The other thing to keep in mind is that it will be crowded and if you have on a good pair of boots it won't matter if someone backs up on your toes while you are in line for a beer and fried dough. Yes, I wait in line not on line.

This has nothing to fo with cowboy boots but it has to be the most entertaining synopsis ever explaining "What is a Cowboy?"


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