Have you ever done any drunk shopping?

With Saint Patrick's day coming up in just over a week, you can look at this as a warning so you don't do any drunk shopping. JESS DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!! If you missed it the last thing Jess purchased while under the influence was a gold plated wireless karaoke microphone, just like Kacey Musgraves.

According to the website Finder almost half of us (46%) who drink alcohol say that they regularly make purchases while under the influence and they say we spend over $30 billion on drunk shopping, which breaks down to about $447.57 per person. That's a lot of cash and more than double what we spent last year at $206 per person.

What are the most common things we buy when we are drunk? Besides food, they say that most common purchases are shoes and clothes, followed by gambling, concert tickets and even prostitution. WOW! Just gonna leave that one alone.

What have you purchased while under the influence? Let us know on Facebook.

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