It seems like Sam Hunt just magically appeared on the Country Music scene, when in reality he's been making himself cozy here for the past few years.

We've recently just started playing Sam's new single "Leave the Night On" here at The Wolf. I'll be honest and say I had NO idea who this guy was, but the song was extremely catchy and something I could see myself listening to. So, I did some research.

Like I said before, Sam had been making himself at home in Country Music for a few years now. He co-wrote Kenny Chesnesy's "Come Over,"  and most recently wrote Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight" AND Keith Urban's latest single "Cop Car."

The guy is impressive! Glad that he's making a name for himself now and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him this year. Take a listen and watch "Leave the Night On"

If you're looking to listen to some of his earlier stuff, may I recommend "Ex To See" "Vandalizer" and "Raised On It"

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