We live in an apartment building with 4 apartments inside each building.  It's really hard to leave our light on for trick or treat because they don't know which door bell to ring and if we are the only ones doing it, the other 3 apartments would get a little annoyed with their doorbell ringing all night.

This year though, my wife decided that we were going to give out candy.  I was curious to see how this was going to happen but she insisted.

"We can make little bags and the baby can hand them out while we are out" she said.  That's actually a pretty good idea.

Then, we decided to take baby girl out while it was still light out to just a few houses because of the weather since she is only 1.

My wife had already purchased a very large bag of candy to hand out so I figured, she was either going to watch for them or just leave the light on.

"I put on the neighborhood app that we were accepting trick or treater's" she said.

Candy ready, sitting in the living room with the outside light on and baby girl looking out the window to see "kids" and my wife walks over and turns out the light.  "We can't have trick or treaters because they won't know what door bell to ring and my app says they aren't coming down this street for one house"

Needless to say, we have a TON of candy.

I'm really confused by this though because I feel like I either got scammed on the candy or kids are lazy and don't want to walk 2 houses down to get candy.

When I was a kid, I'd walk half a mile to get candy.  Up hill both ways in the snow too I guess.

I've become my mother.


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