This could work.

If you live near, or travel at anytime along route 9D in Wappingers Falls between Wappingers and Fishkill you've noticed that something has been removed from your choices as to where to stop for milk, coffee or some quick to-go food.

You have a newer Dunkin' as one choice right across from Old State Road, but the other choice we used to have, Stewart's, closed down back in November of 2020 and since the closing I've been trying to figure out what we need to have put in it's place.

It's hard to replace any of the Stewart stores, but if I had to pick one store to take its place, I would have to go with a WAWA!

Yes, Wawa! (rhymes with Saw-Saw) If you've never heard of Wawa, let me say I'm sorry in advance, because in my opinion, it's hands down one of the best places to grab food, coffee and the SUBS! Wait...they call them hoagies.

Anyway the hoagies they create are sooo good and I feel that all of us in the Hudson Valley deserve a chance to eat one of those bad boys every once and a while, which is why I'm trying to start a petition for us to get a Wawa in Wappingers Falls.

If you've ever gone to the Jersey shore in the summer like I have, one of the things I look forward to is hitting Wawa before the beach for a 10 inch Italian Combo and one of their specialty iced teas. Life changers! LOL!

Wawa currently has stores open in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, but none in New York according to Mental Floss.

I think if enough of us who are reading this right now share it all over social media, maybe, just maybe, someone with some pull and a bunch of money can make this miracle come true, so SHARE AWAY!

Perfect Place for A Wawa

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