We've been having some crazy weather recently in the Hudson Valley.

Luckily we had a beautiful weekend weather wise, however the heat and humidity came in quick leading up to strong storms on Monday. Tornadoes aren't super common around the Hudson Valley, but they happen from time to time. This year it seems like they're happening a little more often. Three weeks ago tornadoes were the talk of the town when it was reported that an F1 tornado touched down in Dutchess County. 

Monday's storm was shaping up to be a strong one, but then it felt like deja vu. Whites Marina, which is located in New Hamburg in Dutchess County, posted this video shortly after the storm passed through the Hudson Valley:

I'm no meteorologist, but that looks like a funnel cloud to me and also looks like it was on the Orange County side of the river. ABC7 News also shared a video from Wappingers Falls:

We'll keep an eye on reports and see if the professionals classify these as tornadoes or not. Did you see cloud formations and funnel clouds yesterday? Where? Let us know on Facebook.

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