Have you ever had anything destroyed by bad weather?

We were talking this morning about the crazy weather that hit the Hudson Valley yesterday. Some reports are saying that a tornado touched down in the Hopewell Junction area.

Check out this storm video from yesterday...


I remember back in the mid 90's, I was working at a radio station in uptown Kingston (B-94) when a severe thunderstorm came through town. Lighting wound up striking a tree that was outside of the studios that caused the tree to come smashing into the building and through the roof of the studio that I was in.

It was one of the scariest things I can remember happening. One minute I was recording something and the next thing I knew I was on the floor of the studio getting rained on staring at a huge tree branch. Thank god nobody got hurt!

Have you ever had a run in with bad weather, a tree down at your house? Let us know on Facebook.

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