A new trick has been discovered to allow you to prank friends and foes by shutting off their messages with one simple text.

Remember the myriad bots that you could use to boot people off the internet in the days of America Online? No? Too young/decent a person to have ever done that? Don't worry: you can get in on the fun now.

Thanks to a post on Reddit, the latest prank has swept the internet. I won't post the string of text here (although I will tell you that you can find it here), but, hey, in case your messages app was suddenly messed up or your phone got rebooted involuntarily, at least you have your answer now: a friend is messing with you or someone just doesn't like you all that much and is deciding to let you know in an anonymous, cowardly, and passive-aggressive fashion.

Don't worry though; according to 9to5Mac, all you need to do if it happens to you is  have the person who sent you the message send another message, which will wipe out the previous one. You can also send yourself a message via Siri, the share sheet, or from your Mac.

I'm sure that Apple is going to have a fix for this soon, as it's kind of taking the internet by storm, but for now, have fun!

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