When was the last time you were in a class or heard what the difference was between DUI, Driving Under the Influence, DWI Driving While Intoxicated, or even DUAI, Driving Under Ability Impaired?

Hopefully, you have never gotten behind the wheel of a car and then been pulled over for any of the above offenses, but what is the difference? One drink separates all of those? Is it two drinks that is the difference?

What is the legal limit for DWAI, Driving While Ability Impaired?

Lisa F. Young

The legal limit, for Driving While Ability Impaired, DWAI is (according to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle) is your blood alcohol concentration is more than .05 BAC but less than .07 BAC, or other evidence of impairment.

What are the legal limits in New York State for DWI, Driving While Intoxicated?

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The legal limits for DWI, are probably the ones that people are more familiar with, especially with the commercial ".08, don't blow it." The legal limits to be charged with a DWI are a BAC of .08 or higher unless you are driving a commercial vehicle and then it's .04.

What are the levels for an Aggravated DWI in Upstate New York?

So where does Aggravated DWI come into play? Does that just mean you aggravated the police while they were trying to arrest you? No, not at all. It means that you have a BAC of .18 or higher, more than two times the amount of a DWI.

How many drinks, your body mass and the amount of food that you consumed prior to drinking alcohol all will affect how quickly you reach the above limits or how long your body takes to process the alcohol. Remember, it isn't worth what could happen if you get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

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