The school voted in favor of allowing female runners the option to wear just a sports bra while at practice.

Last spring a few parents of student-athletes in the Guilderland Central School District began coming up with a proposal that would change the school's dress code to allow female athletes to wear sports bras as tops and for males to be able to go shirtless while practicing. Neither were allowed under the current school dress code.


New York School Looks to Change Dress Code

After starting the process last spring parents took their concerns to the school's policy committee and put together a new policy that asked the Board of Education to approve. Board member Blanca Gonzalez-Parker, who is also a student-athlete mom told News 10,

"Last spring, some members from the track team, including my daughter, came forward and said that they felt that female runners should be able to run in sports bras, and male runners should be able to run shirtless."

Agreeing with her daughter Gonzalez-Parker took their concerns to the policy committee and helped come up with a new policy that would allow females to practice in sports bras as a top. Gonzalez-Parker did say that the new policy that was written and submitted for board approval left out a key part, it allows for sports bras, but there was no mention of any changes for the male students.


New York School Approves Sports Bras as Top for Females

The new dress code policy was put to a vote at the school's most recent board meeting and passed with 8 yes votes and 1 no vote. The new dress code policy reads,

"The District recognizes that certain extracurricular activities may have different attire expectations. As such, while students are actively participating in such activities they may wear activity and/or weather-specific attire, such as sports bras for outdoor sports practices, swimsuits for swimming."

According to the district's website as soon as the student is finished participating in such activities, they must continue to comply with the District’s standard dress code requirements.

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Many were happy the policy passed but are wondering if the school will give male athletes the option to practice shirtless in the future. The district didn't publicly comment and didn't say whether or not they will consider any other changes in the future.

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