Sending prayers.

According to WTEN, this scary situation started a few days ago as 33 year-old Josh Woodward works for the Albany International Airport's Fire Department and also is a volunteer fireman at the North Bethlehem Fire Department, is currently in the fight of his life.

Now he wasn't hurt on the job but is suffering from an infection that he had no idea he had.

It all started when the Woodward family had a round of the flu go through their house starting with their kids having it last week.

On Monday, Josh said that he may have pulled a muscle under his arm, then on Tuesday he spiked a fever and he and his family thought that he may just have the flu like the kids.

After trying to just deal with being sick for a few days Josh couldn't take the pain anymore, so his wife Chelsea took him to the St. Peter's Hospital emergency room, where doctors rushed him in for emergency surgery for sepsis.

Doctors believe the infection stemmed from a small cut near his arm or possibly an ingrown hair and once they began surgery they found that the infection had spread to his heart, lungs, kidney, and liver.

Woodward is now in a coma and his family is waiting on pathology reports to learn more.

There has been a GoFundMe page set up for the family to help with medical cost and more, as of now over $77,000 has been raised.

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