It's always nice to see a video of our local police officers that puts a smile on our faces.

Last Friday, the Hudson Valley was hit with another wave of snow and cold, nasty weather. However, a video surfaced that warmed our hearts a little bit.

The snow falling didn't stop Miller Middle School students and school resource officers from getting out on the courts. Not only do school resource officers keep our children safe they also school them on the basketball court.

The Town of Ulster Police shared the video below of School Resource Officer Killian humbly celebrating after breaking some ankles:

Killian can be seen crossing over a student and throwing up what can only be described as a wild hail-Mary three pointer then busting out a celebratory jig.

Is that the nae-nae? I can't tell. What I can say is that it's great to see our resource officers getting out there and hanging out with the kids they see every day.

Officer Killian is no Steph Curry, but he could be a great contender for Hot Heroes of the Hudson Valley, right?

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