UPDATE: The Ulster County Pool on Libertyville Road in New Paltz will be closed for the season. The announcement was made July 5, 2024. More details and information on Season Pass refunds and other pool facilities will be announced soon.

Some Ulster County Residents have been denied their cool refreshing trip to the Ulster County Pool this week. People who just bought season passes after the big heat wave last week are going to have to wait to get in the water a bit longer due to an unexpected closure of the Ulster County Pool.

Disappointed hot people who headed to the pool yesterday said they were greeted with a note that said the pool was closed until further notice. One social media comment suggested that the pool had been losing water since Sunday.

Ulster County Pool Complex Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

The Ulster County Pool Complex is popular with the community. It offers an Olympic-sized pool and two large kiddie pools. All the pools are monitored by lifeguards at all times. There are locker rooms, showers, a large pavilion with tables, and a snack bar. There is also a large lawn area with a playground for kids 8 and under.

Ulster County Pool Complex via Facebook
Ulster County Pool Complex via Facebook

The pool had just opened for the season in June and unfortunately, it seems that the season has come to a temporary halt. Able to accommodate about 900 people the complex offers an enjoyable spot to beat the heat and is centrally located on Libertyville Road next to the Ulster County Fairgrounds.

Ulster County Government Announces Temporary Pool Closure

The official announcement was made in a Facebook post from the Ulster County Government on Wednesday. It stated that it was a temporary closure for unforeseen maintenance. They apologized for any inconvenience. They also said to be sure to check back for details.

Information about the pool, the notice of the closure, and future updates can be found at ulstercountyny.gov/public-works/ulster-county-pool-complex. I did place calls to the pool complex and the number listed for the main office but was unable to get further information.

Ulster County Pool Season Pass Holders on Hold Until Further Notice

As for other pools that might be honoring the county pool season pass that information was not available either but if we get the word about one of the other Ulster town pools accepting the pass we will let you know. We also don't know if they will be refunding any money on the season pass with the closure.

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